Pandemic: A Wake Up Call

Hosted by Jo Englesson, Creative Peacemaker and founder of

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How did we end up here, today, and why?

Everything we thought to be true is being challenged. We are living in exciting times where we, as individuals and as a collective, have an opportunity to create lasting change, simply by stepping into a new type of leadership. 


  • Are you called to define WHO YOU ARE and align your actions with your unique gifts?

  • Are you ready to lead from compassion, emotional intelligence, and love?

  • Are you seeking to regain your power to make a profound impact on the planet now?

  • Are you curious about the new story which is essential to the future you envision?

In this experience you will be inspired to...


Determine what operating system you are running and if it is the most effective for you as a contributor.


"Plug in" to what really matters to you and learn how to become a pure and unique contribution.


Discover how to create results from an authentic place of purpose.


As the kind of leader the world needs now, free of the attachments that curb your creativity.

“If you’re like me -- tired of division, misinformation, loss, and uncertainty -- it’s time to rise up! The world needs all of us right now. I am committed to generating our bright future, together.” 

-Jo Englesson

Meet Your Host

Jo Englesson re-imagined transformational trainings 10 years ago when she launched Gratitude Training. Once again, she has, through her own trials and tribulations, and the circumstances of living in today’s world, created a new movement that will foster and birth a new paradigm.

 “I am calling forth individuals on the brink of surrendering their birthright desire to make a difference by honing in on their unique gifts. Join me to explore what the world needs now, who we are in our day-to-day life and how each of us can plug into the vibration that has us serve our kids, families, communities and the world in the most effective way.”

Jo’s title on her business card is “Creative Peacemaker.” She explains that there are many creative ways to reach peace on the planet.  When we all get that we have the power to make that difference individually and we authentically take that on, there will be a paradigm shift in the mass consciousness, and peace will be inevitable.

Pandemic: A Wake Up Call