[re]WIRED for Peace

The world has changed. Most of us are craving connection and peace of mind, yet finding it hard to focus on the things that really matter to us. Our commitment is to offer courses, self-study and facilitated, to bridge the gap between what was and what is possible for the future. When we all step into a context of Gratitude and Peace, the world will follow.

We are Catalysts for Change


More than a curriculum

The Creative Peacemaker Journey include two 8-week online courses, Source Movement & Catalyst for Change. Source Movement is a freestanding course that include a weekly 1-hour live zoom meeting with Jo Englesson as well as optional homework between sessions.

We believe that once you "plug in" to this journey, it starts to operate in the background and you will be on a distinct path towards peace, inspiration and awakening as you embark and complete on your most important goals.

When you sign up for the entire Journey the Gratitude 101 course is included.


A self-study online course in Gratitude and Awareness. Take a deep dive into Gratitude as a virtue and distinction. Gratitude is the foundation to lead a life in joy, love and peace. Explore how to redesign your entire context to abundance.


Get clear on your vision for the world and examine five principals to live by in order to have that vision manifest. Redesign the way that you think, believe and act. Source Movement is a journey to your highest self!

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A change-maker program that will catapult your life towards your own personal goals and as a result the world will benefit. It is for those whose lives are working, yet they need that extra push, tools and support to become a bigger contribution to life itself.

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(Prerequisite: Source Movement)