The world has changed. Most of us are craving connection and peace of mind, yet finding it hard to focus on the things that really matter to us. Our commitment is to offer courses, self-study and facilitated, to bridge the gap between what was and what is possible for the future. When we all step into a context of Gratitude and Peace, the world will follow.

We are Catalysts for Change.


Free Gratitude Course

A complimentary self-study online course in Gratitude and Awareness.

Take a deep dive into Gratitude as a virtue and distinction. Gratitude is the foundation to lead a life in joy, love and peace. Explore how to redesign your entire context to abundance by learning how to access Gratitude 100% of the time!

Source Movement Course

A self-study course in awakening for individuals ready to ignite the spark of inspiration and purpose.

Get clear on your vision for the world and examine five principles to live by in order to have that vision manifest. Redesign the way that you think, believe and act. Source Movement is a journey of awakening to your unique self and highlights the contribution you are in this world.
Includes a weekly live mastermind Zoom call with Jo Englesson.

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An 8-week online live wellness program for corporations and professionals ready to infuse a work/life balance into their environment.

The CIJ Culture Catalyst is based on a Stanford University Master’s degree class in transformation. It will provide your staff with a crystal-clear blueprint to tap into their creative FLOW and INNOVATION so that they can achieve BALANCE and HAPPINESS both in life and at work.

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[re]WIRED for Peace

[re]WIRED for Peace is an 8-week online live program with our founder, Jo Englesson. Live a life of no regrets as you create an opportunity to uncover and redesign the underlying assumptions out of which you live your life such that you experience a profound shift in your ability to relate to yourself and others, empowering you to fully engage your heartfelt commitments with freedom and passion.

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Our programs are designed to:

  • Inspire you to create extraordinary results in your life and in your community.

  • Illuminate your blind spots.

  • Develop a new awareness that enhances your critical thinking skills.

  • Guide you to operate as a solution-oriented leader.

  • Foster unity, compassion, love and gratitude as we set the context for future generations.

Join our Academy and get ready to access authentic Gratitude and Joy, generate a profound shift in your ability to relate to yourself and others, and empower yourself to fully engage your heartfelt commitments with freedom and passion.

And, most importantly, get ready to embrace the unique talents and gifts you have to offer the world and lead from example.

Jo Englesson

Founder of & Creative Peacemaker

"I am calling forth individuals on the brink of surrendering to their birthright desire to make a difference by honing in their unique gifts. Join me to explore what the world needs now, who we are in our day-to-day life and how each of us can plug into the vibration that has us serve our kids, families, communities and the world in the most effective way."

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